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Rose McGowan sat down for a conversation with Ronan Farrow after a Manhattan jury convicted Harvey Weinstein of two of the sex crimes he was charged with. “It’s been an odyssey for both of us,” McGowan tells Farrow, who first broke the Weinstein story in The New Yorker. Eleanor Randolph, the biographer of Michael Bloomberghg0088, and Andrea Bernstein, a WNYC reporter, talk about Blooomberg’s mayoral career and Presidential ambitions. And we’ll look at how neuromarketing is narrowing the gap between politics and technology.

President Mike?

Eleanor Randolph, a biographer of Michael Bloomberg, and Andrea Bernstein, a WNYC reporter who covered the former mayor’s terms in Gracie Mansion, analyze his approach to governing.

Rose McGowan on Harvey Weinstein’s Guilty Verdict

Hours after a Manhattan jury convicted the movie producer of sex crimes, Ronan Farrow talked with the actress, one of Weinstein’s accusers.

Neuromarketing Tries to Peer Inside the Minds of Voters

hg0088Using EEG sensors and heart-rate monitors, a company investigates how political candidates engage our attention and emotions.